Factors that must be considered while buying tiles

Factors that must be considered while buying tiles

If you’re planning to do small kitchen renovation then your plan must include the changing of tiles, painting the walls and probably changing of the cabinets. These are the basic part of renovation. You can select a color and buy a paint, you can choose the material, color design for the cabinets. But when it comes to shopping of tiles, you just can’t to any shop and get the tiles.

This articles contains some factors that you must consider so you can get the best tile for your kitchen. It is recommended to buy the tiles from any flooring companies in Dubai because they’ll guide you and help you to choose the best tiles for your kitchen according to the size of the kitchen.


So let’s quickly jump onto the factors.

  • Size of the kitchen: Looking for the tiles so you can renovate your kitchen? Your first step should be to measure your kitchen. Tiles are available in almost every color and every type so if you are looking for the tiles that are big in size, then this will make your room look big as well. If you have a small kitchen, then you should paint your walls light and also get the tiles which are light in color so your kitchen doesn’t suffocate and look bigger otherwise if you’ll get the dark color tiles in the small kitchen, your kitchen will start looking small in size. But if you have a big kitchen, then you can choose both light and dark color according to your own choice.
  • Size of the tiles: Tiles comes in every shape, color and size. When you’ll visit the shop you’ll see number of tiles and there is a chance that you might get confuse while buying the tiles. So first of all, you should take the measurement of your kitchen and buy the tiles according to the size of the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen then it’s better to go for the tiles that are small in size.
  • Color of the tiles: Sometimes it becomes really difficult to choose the color as a lot of colors attracts you. Kitchen is a place, where ladies spend a lot of their time so if you have good and appealing colors around you, you’ll stay fresh otherwise you might get frustrated. It is recommended to get white, green, grey color tiles for the kitchen.