The culture of vaping

The culture of vaping

Vaping is not a very old concept. It was introduced recently. Over the past few years it has risen tremendously when it comes to acceptance and popularity amongst the general masses. You can also see an increasing growth in the consumption of vape in Dubai. Where everything is available online, we also have seen vape online shop. But the motive with which the vape was introduced in the general market is now left behind in the dark shadows. Originally, the vape was introduced as a replacement of cigarettes for the people who are now willing to quit smoking for good. It was introduced as a lighter and less harmful version of cigarettes, which is still very harmful for the lungs, respiratory system and overall health of the consumer. But all the planning that was put in action went straight downhill.

Vape gained popularity but in the age sector for which it was targeted initially. Instead, we see that the vaping culture is now gaining massive popularity amongst the teenagers, for whom it was never meant to be. Teenagers started vaping with increasing passion, while they had never opted for smoking ever in their lives. In this article we will be focusing on the different reasons why this vaping culture has become so much popular amongst the teenagers and young adults.

Popularity of vape amongst teenagers and young adults

There are numerous reason which can be easily held accountable for being behind the sudden rise in popularity of the vape. These reasons are listed below in this article.

They embody a sleek design

Vape is presented in a very different look and body to the people. This is one of the key reasons why it is gaining so much attention. Its sleek and discreet design makes it look like it does not pose any harm to our health. Whereas the fact is that, most of the pods that are with the vape have the same amount of nicotine in them. In some cases it is also been reported that these pods contain more nicotine than the cigarettes. 

It causes addiction

As mentioned above in this article, anybody who thinks that vape is a much safer version of cigarettes should keep this fact in mind that the vape also contains nicotine that is a very addictive substance. And young people are more to falling addict to this substance that is why more and more young people are being drawn towards it.