Tips to choose the reliable pool tiles

Tips to choose the reliable pool tiles

When it comes to choosing the right tiles for the pool, many things you have to take into consideration before making a final decision. It includes shades of tiles, shapes, size, durability, and reliability of tiles. The following tips will help you choose reliable pool tiles in Dubai for your home.

Consider durability:

Durability is a key factor when choosing tiles for the poolside. Tiles come in different colors, shades, and qualities that attract homeowners. No matter, what type of colors or shades you choose for your pool, but make sure they are durable for your home. Figure out whether they can bear the high traffic or not. You can get detailed information and PEI rating about tiles from the supplier’s website, including the material, quality, and thickness of the tile.

Look for low-maintenance tiles:

A poolside is an area that requires regular scrubbing and cleaning due to the presence of water. Therefore, it is essential to look for tiles that can be cleaned easily and require low maintenance. Make sure to choose pool tiles that shine more with regular cleaning instead of fading colors.  If you choose a low-quality tile, it can damage the beauty of the pool and garden. Thus, it is advisable to find tiles that provide frost-resistant and scratch-resistant against water and traffic.

Do not forget about safety:

Safety is a crucial part when choosing tiles for your pool. So before buying tiles, make sure to check the slippery ratings from websites. Figure out the slip-resistant properties in tiles against water. Some famous tile brands also follow the rule of oil-wet ramp testing and give R ratings to their tiles. Therefore, it is suggested to choose R-rated tiles for the swimming pool as they are reliable for you.

Look for shapes and colors of tiles:

With a tricky selection of tiles, you can make your pool aesthetic and beautiful. There is a wide range of varieties in tiles including their shapes, colors, sizes, and shades. Recommendations and suggestions from trusted people can also help you choose the right color, shape, and size of tile for your pool.

Look for brand:

While you can find economical tiles from the local market, but brands are a better option instead of trusting local shops.  Before choosing pool tiles, consider buying from reliable brands that provide installation facilities and a few years’ guarantees on tiles. This way, you can secure your investment.

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