Types of influencers

Types of influencers

There are different types of influencers based on a number of different aspects. One such aspect is the number of followers an influencer has. Dubai influencers excel in this field. Famous Arab influencers have many followers. You can categorize these influencers by the number of followers they have, the type of content that they produce, their niche of posts and many other things like that.

Types of influencers by number of followers

In this article, we shall discuss one type of influencers that is the number of followers. Influencers can be categorized based on how many people follow them on their social media platforms. These types are listed below in this article.

Nano influencers

Nano influencers come at the bottom of the pyramid of social media influencers. Nano influencers are those influencers who have a very limited and small number of followers on their social media accounts. These people are limited on their respective niches and fortes that is what makes them an expert on anything that they put out. Since marketing agencies nowadays keep an eye on these social media influencers for the purpose of marketing. Nano influencers generally have the least attention of these agencies. Most people think that they are influencing a very limited amount of people so they are of not much use. But they can be the perfect fit for those companies who make products that are made for highly targeted audience. But for most companies, Nano influencers are of no use since they lack that impact on a large audience.

Micro influencers

Micro influencers are one step ahead from Nano influencers in terms of followers. Micro influencers are normal people just like us who gained a little bit of fame on social media through their specific niche. Micro influencer generally have around 1000 to 40,000 followers on their social media accounts. These influencers share a close bond with their followers so they would be hesitant to promote any brand that seems to threaten their followers’ sentiments. That is why companies first have to convince them.

Macro influencers

People with a range of 40,000 to one million followers fall into the category of macro influencers. They have successfully established their name in the social media game. There are mostly celebrities who have failed to make it big in the entertainment industry. It is very easy to impact people through macro influencers because of the number of people who follow them.

Mega influencers

Mega influencers are the top celebrities of the world who enjoy a massive following on their social media accounts as well. These people usually charge around 1 million dollars for one promotional post on their accounts.