Herman miller – frequently asked questions

Herman miller – frequently asked questions

Following are some frequently asked questions about the parcels and orders of herman miller.

How can you pay for your parcel?

For your easiness and comfort, visa, debits cards as well as cards are accepted. So, now, it is up to you what paying method you choose. People mostly go for those methods and process that are convenient and feasible for them.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges are free on a number of products and items. So, whenever you are buying any product, you will get to know which product has free shipping charges as everything is mentioned properly.

How to get service?

If a person require the service of any item or the repairing of any item, they will have to contact the detailer or go to the website from where they bought the item.

Can you cancel or alter your parcel?

For incustom built items, cancelations can be done till your item is in the process of production. For the items that are in stock, cancelations can be done one day before shipment. In order to make any alterations, the actual order has to be cancelled and the latest order has to be placed for the latest items.

Can you return your parcel?

Yes, you can return your parcel. There is page returns where you can get all the details or you can even call the customer service center and you will get proper guidance.

Can you track your order?

Yes, you can track your order. After your order or parcel has been shipped, you will get all the details regarding tracking through email by which you can easily track your order or parcel from anywhere you want and anytime you want.

Also, if you want any extra information then you can go to your account and know whatever you want. You can also call the customer service center and ask for the details you are looking for.

What are the care instructions for the products?

Every product and item has different distinct care and handling instructions. If you want to know the care and handling instructions of any specific product or item then you should go to the page of products on the website.

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